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Zhejiang   Kaiyade Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional development, production management, after-sales service as one of modern high-tech enterprises.With the essential products such as ball screw,linear guide,linear bearings,linear sliding unit,linear shaft,rod end bearing,cam follower bearing,linear stage,etc.The bearings is widely used in machinery, medical and food machinery,printing machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery and other mechanical equipment field.Since 2010 we have specialized in manufacturing and trading field,We have experienced and qualified team of marketing and sales representatives to serve our valued customers with the finest products and unsurpassed service.

Our belief:Quality first,Credit first,Customer uppermost.
We know very well that the quality of the products is the vigor of the enterprise.our company adhere to the market as the guidance, take the path of science and technology, pay attention to product research and development of science and technology.pay attention to service and quality of the products.To expand reproduction, adapt to market deman
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