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Corporate culture covers the company R & D, production and sales operations at all levels, the company's development plays a strategic role in promoting.

Kai Yader bearing corporate culture Kaiyi De development of the concept of bearings "science and technology are primary productive forces, producing quality products, cultivating talents" as the basis, mainly in the following areas:

1. Advocating the steady and professional development of enterprises, do something for some. First strong and big development strategy.

2. Advocacy teamwork, the company stressed the strict discipline, closely cooperate with the department, government ordinances smooth, order ban, emphasizing strong team combat capability.

3. Advocacy of staff sense of responsibility and honor, emphasizing dedication, loyalty of the company, the company's performance and personal income, promotion appointments closely; defend the "gentleman love money, take the proper way" values; the pursuit of perfection Employee moral quality.

4. Advocacy of staff awareness of learning and quality awareness, emphasizing continuous learning emphasizes meticulous work, product excellence, the pursuit of perfect quality.

5. Advocate the awareness of value-added services, emphasizing the customer-focused staff, and gradually from passive service model to active service model change.

6. Advocate people-oriented, cooperative development concept of Societe Generale, Renyixian inside, fully trust, respect and give full play to their potential, emphasizing the enterprise is the staff development stage, outstanding staff is the soul of enterprise development.

7. Advocating the concept of continuous improvement of the market, emphasizing the cultivation of sales force on the market's sensitivity and judgment, emphasizing the development of sales force on the market a strong initiative and win the confidence.



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